U23 Indo created an earthquake, Man City easily won against Brighton

U23 Indo created a seismic shift in the U23 Asian quarterfinals. Manchester City's gentle away win was hot news on April 26.


U23 Indonesia created an earthquake

In the Asian U23 quarter-final series that took place last night, U23 Indonesia had a confrontation with the championship candidate – U23 Korea. It was thought that this would be a real challenge for Shin Tae Yong and his students, but the scenario turned out to be completely different from what people expected.


On a day when U23 Indonesia was in high form, the island team completely pressured Korea. Even U23 Indonesia was the team that continuously led, forcing Korea to find an equalizer.


Ending with a draw after 120 minutes of play, U23 Indonesia and U23 Korea entered the fateful Penalty series. Here, Indo was the more brave team to win the final.


This victory is not only an affirmation of the progress of the island team but also an encouragement for Southeast Asian football.

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U23 Indonesia creates earthquakes

Reasons that help Slot receive trust from Liverpool

As mentioned, Liverpool is contacting Feyenoord coach Arne Slot to succeed Jurgen Klopp after this season. Currently, The Kop is actively implementing a plan to recruit this coach.


If we pay close attention, we will definitely see the reason why Liverpool wants to get Slot this summer. Since joining Feyenoord, he has helped this team regain the aura of a big man in the Dutch national championship.


Besides, he is always famous for his philosophy that "attack is another effective defense plan". Obviously, this is also something that The Kop has been pursuing for many years. Therefore, Slot is currently the most suitable coach for the hot seat position at Liverpool after this season.


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Man City easily won against Brighton

In last night's series of matches, Man City faced Brighton right at the Etihad. With an evenly matched squad and overwhelming playing style, The Citizens won all 3 points with a convincing 4 – 0 victory. This victory also helps Man City move closer to Arsenal. Currently, Pep and his students are only 1 point behind The Gunners but have played 1 less match.


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Man City won 3 points against Brighton

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