The Foxes return to EPL, U23 Vietnam unfortunately stops

Leicester City officially won the EPL promotion ticket, U23 Vietnam was officially eliminated from the U23 Asian Finals were hot news on April 27.


Leicester City re-enters the Premier League

Although they haven't played yet this weekend, after last night's series of matches in the Championship, Leicester City has officially had a direct promotion ticket to play in the Premier League next season. Specifically, in last night's match, Leeds United – Leicester's direct competitor – suddenly lost 0 – 4 right on QPR's field.


With this defeat, Leeds single-handedly offered the promotion ticket to the foxes. After a season of relegation, now the former EPL king has officially returned to the country's highest tournament.


On their homepage, the Foxes could not keep calm with a series of celebratory activities immediately after Leeds United's defeat.


Leicester returns to EPL

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U23 Vietnam stopped in the quarterfinals

In the Asian U23 quarterfinal series taking place in Qatar, U23 Vietnam had an encounter with strong opponent U23 Iraq. It cannot be denied that, compared to the golden star warriors, Iraq U23 is completely superior in terms of physical strength and experience.


However, right from the first minutes of entering the match, Vietnam showed concentration with extremely proactive playing situations. However, a personal mistake by goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan at the beginning of the second half caused Vietnam to receive a Penalty. On the penalty spot, the goalkeeper was unable to block the opponent's shot and allowed Iraq to take the lead. The score of 1 – 0 remained until the end of the match and caused U23 Vietnam to stop regretfully.


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MU restarted the De Jong deal

Erik Ten Hag once pursued De Jong in the summer of 2022, but at that time, the Dutch star rejected Man Utd for many reasons. However, the situation this summer is completely different.


According to AS's report, Barcelona is ready to sell its star in the context that the team's financial situation is not really positive. Not to mention, this season, De Jong suffered many injuries and could not contribute too much to the team's overall playing style.


Accordingly, the Camp Nou home team is willing to sell De Jong to any party for a fee of at least £43 million.


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Barca is ready to sell De Jong

Above are some hot football news on April 27. Don't forget to follow to update more news!


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