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Ankara Magnet Hospital is a friend that is there for you whenever you need it, as soon as possible, with its equipment and expert staff. Because, "It's Worth Your Health."

Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi: Sağlıkta Kalitenin Yeni Adresi

Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi, insan yaşamını ön planda tutarak dünya standartlarında sağlık hizmeti sunan öncü bir kuruluştur. Bu makalede, Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi’nin sunduğu kaliteli hizmetleri ve sağlık sektöründeki lider konumunu inceleyeceğiz.

Sağlıkta Öncü Bir Kuruluş: Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi

Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi, sağlık alanında öncü bir kuruluş olarak, hastaların yaşam kalitesini artırmayı ve sağlıklı bir yaşam sürmelerini sağlamayı hedefler.

Hızlı ve Etkin Müdahale: Hastaların Yanında Olma

Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi, donanımı ve uzman kadrosuyla her an hastalarının yanında olmayı taahhüt eder. Acil durumlarda hızlı ve etkin müdahaleyle hastaların sağlık sorunlarını çözer.

Sağlık Hizmetlerindeki Üstün Kalite: Ankara Hastanesi Farkı

Ankara Hastanesi, uzman doktorları ve deneyimli sağlık personeliyle hastalarına en üst düzeyde hizmet sunar. Hasta odaklı yaklaşımı, modern tıp teknolojisi ve konforlu hasta odalarıyla sağlık deneyimini en iyi şekilde yaşatır.

Marka Olmuş Bir Sağlık Kuruluşu: Ankara Magnet Hastanesi

Ankara Magnet Hastanesi, Türkiye’nin önde gelen sağlık kuruluşları arasında yer alır ve yüksek müşteri memnuniyeti ile tanınır. Sağlık hizmetlerindeki bütünlük anlayışıyla marka haline gelmiştir.

Ankara Özel Magnet Hastanesi, sağlık alanında kaliteli hizmet anlayışıyla öne çıkan, hastaların güvenini kazanmış ve sektörde öncü bir kuruluştur.

Özel Magnet Hastanesi

Mission vision

A hospital that is focused on excellence in health service delivery, equipped with professional knowledge and skills in the light of scientific and technological developments, supporting continuous change, adopting a holistic approach in the protection, development and maintenance of health, and providing service at national and international standards with its determination to increase patient and employee safety and satisfaction. is to be.

By following scientific and technological developments in line with national and international ethical principles and quality standards; To provide effective, efficient, reliable, friendly health services that increase the quality of life of the society, with an approach that prioritizes patient and employee safety, respects patient rights, is sensitive to the environment, and considers social benefit with qualified healthcare professionals, continuous education and development efforts.

Our quality policy

As Private Ankara Magnet Hospital; To our patients, in line with Patient Rights; Ensuring patient and employee safety by providing timely, quality and reliable healthcare services using modern diagnostic tools and accurate diagnosis and treatment methods; It is our constantly evolving, effective management and implementation quality policy that meets the expectations of our patients and employees at the highest level, makes our employees feel honored and satisfied to work with, and contributes to society at the highest level with the awareness of their social responsibilities.

  • To create a service approach focused on the satisfaction of patients and employees, 
  • Establishing an exemplary management and operating system using continuous measurement and improvement mechanisms,
  • To follow scientific research and new applications,
  • To provide excellent healthcare service without compromising quality,
  • Continuously training and improving ourselves,
  • To ensure the continuity of the Quality Management System.

In line with the Quality Standards in Health determined by the Ministry of Health, to initiate and ensure continuity of patient care and treatment by protecting the rights of patients and patient relatives receiving service from our hospital with patient-oriented multidisciplinary working groups, patient safety, safe drug application process, employee safety, infection prevention methods processes and information in the hospital. We provide health services by following the safety of the patients with the developing and changing current standards.

We tend to constantly improve the quality by evaluating the qualifications and training of our hospital's employees. We offer a safe living and treatment environment to our employees and patients by meeting current standards and ensuring facility security.

We are aware that the most important power in quality healthcare is happy and educated personnel.
Our basic principles are to carry out continuous measurement, evaluation and development studies with the vision of becoming a leading institution in our country and in the world by providing superior quality service.
We carry out all our activities in accordance with the law, medical science, patient rights, ethical rules and quality standards.
We conduct, support and follow scientific research activities to improve human health.


  • People are at the focal point in health service delivery;
  • Respecting Patient and Employee Rights,
  • universality,
  • Innovation in Health, Scientific
  • Equity in Service,
  • Availability and Timeliness in Service
  • Efficient, Effective service
  • Quality and Efficient Service,
  • Continuity and accessibility in service
  • Accountability, Transparency principle
  • Evidence-based service
  • Business Ethics, Respectability
  • Solidarity
  • Sensitive to ethical principles
  • Team awareness
  • holistic approach
  • Empathy
  • Responsibility
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Tolerance
  • Valuing employees

SKS Management

While managing quality standards in health, we carry out committee studies, prepare a self-evaluation plan, create an annual SKS training plan and create performance and quality directives in health.

In this context, our quality management team and SKS department quality and compliance training officers work under the quality and accreditation department within our institution.

Özel Magnet Hastanesi

Organization chart

Özel Magnet Hastanesi
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